HOD Moved to Dec 5

The HOUSE OF DELEGATES meeting is on DECEMBER 5, 2021 at 9:30am.

Once we realized that a large number of delegates and BOD members would not be able to attend a face-to-face HOD at the Senior Championships, we rather quickly pivoted to November 28. Well, the 28th is the end of the Thanksgiving weekend and difficulties attending the proposed zoom meeting multiplied for Board members and delegates.

Finding a date that can work during the holiday season as you all know is not easy. We are moving the meeting to December 5 at 9:30am on zoom. Delegates who cannot make the meeting because of the planned Pearl City Invitational, please make arrangements for a club proxy with Gwenn Tomiyoshi.

All delegates should have their ballots for the 2021 elections. Please vote and make sure you get your ballot to Dave Coleman by November 19, 2021.