Cancellations, vaccines, Calgary meet

Swims for Belugas and Dolphins are cancelled Monday, Nov. 15.

We expect this to be the last cancellation related to the application to vary. Swimming should resume as usual Wednesday. 

Proof of vaccine update

In response to my question about whether or not we should ask for proof of vaccination from our 12-year-olds, I got six emails saying YES, we should ask for proof, and no others. 

It seems clear the board should revisit this decision. I've forwarded this information and will report back on next steps. 

Dec 17-19 Calgary meet

There is a swim meet for those 12 and up in Calgary Dec. 17-19, which Coach Carol has identified as an excellent opportunity to athletes considering joining Team NT for the Canada Summer Games in Niagara next summer. 

All swimmers must travel with a parent or guardian. 

For more information, call Coach Carol at 867-445-1476. 


Sara Minogue
Communications volunteer
[email protected]