Langley Swim Meet - Nov 13 & 14, 2021

Langley Swim Meet - Nov 13 & 14, 2021

What an amazing performance! Congratulations to all swimmers!


Hi SFC Families,

What a wonderful weekend! Quite wet, but lots of fun!

It was an excellent performance by all the swimmers and we had a few highlights as well that I should mention. Almost all the events swam for the SFC were beaten, including some provincial times, we also experienced some unexpected great times for some unexpecting strokes. I will exemplify some of them as follows:

Brodie Bain dropped 5.16sec 200IM;

*Sydney Bain dropped 12.90sec 50 Breast and dropped 5.44sec 100m Free;

*Noah Cheon dropped 1.82sec 50m Butterfly, dropped 4.88sec 100m Butterfly and dropped 2.23sec 100m Free;

*Kaelah Gagne dropped 5.12sec 50m Butterfly, dropped 10.62sec 200m IM and dropped 6.95sec 100m Free;

*Anja Gunnsteinsdottir dropped 2.58sec 50m Butterfly, dropped 1.78sec 200m IM and dropped 0.13sec 100m Free;

*Kefryn Johnson dropped 4.66sec 50m Butterfly, dropped 8.91sec 100m Backstroke, dropped 4.96sec 200m IM and dropped 2.23sec 50m Free

Millie Orde dropped 14.51sec 100m Backstroke, dropped 4.41sec 200m IM, dropped 11.25sec 200m Free and dropped 1.87sec 50m Free

*Kinsey Rossen dropped 1.39sec 200m IM, dropped 5.02sec 100m Free and dropped 7.94sec 100m Breastroke 

Special mention must go to Kinley Emerson and George Kingdon, who both performed exceptionally well, Kinley beat all her events with her best personal times including 3rd place 100m Backstroke, 200m IM, 100m Free, and 50m Backstroke.

Moreover George got four provincial times (50m Butterfly, 100m Backstroke, 50m Breastroke and 200m Backstroke) and also rose him in the Canadian Swimmer Ranking (his age group) by becoming 3rd place in 50m Butterfly and 100m Backstroke, 4th place in 200m Backstroke, 5th place in 200m IM and 6th place in 50m Breastroke, 7th place in 50m Free and 9th place in 100m Free.

We are looking forward to more great results at the coming meets, and I would like to thank you all for your engagement, dedication, and happiness.


Eduardo Finkelstein - SFC Swim Head Coach

Hi SFC Squamish,

This is the brief of the Langley swim meet.

Sydney, Kinley, Brodie were swimming amazing, please take a look to the result chart!

I would like to highlight, that beside the low number of our weekly practices (compare to North Van or other competitive clubs) the results came from the more perfect techniques and styles. Kinley have found her fast arms as well, and beside her usual nice fly, now she had excellent freestyle and backstroke events as well , she got under 30sec on 50FR to “join” Brodie. Sydney showed us a really nice improvement on her technical skills and reached superb results on all strokes. Brodie brought us pretty imposing results on BR and FLY thanks to his hard work on these strokes.

Beside the results, we had a really fun weekend, I would like to say thank you for the swimmers for the good job, and for the families for the supportive attitude, we appreciate both very much!

Coach Zoli