Dave's notes 11-19

Dave's notes 11-19

WAG MAX meet.

First a little background: "WAG" stands for Winter Age Group (championships). It can get confusing sometimes like in December there is  a WAG MAX meet and the WAG championship meet. The two meets are complimentary. This means the earlier December meet is for swimmers with times from no time......up to a maximum of .01 shy of the WAG championship qualifying time. This represents 80+% of our swimmers. We would like to see as many of our swimmers entering the WAG max meet as possible. If you're in level FGHI you are eligible. If you're not on the championship eligibility list  (or only have a couple of qual times) in the next paragraph, the WAG max meet is for you. Please commit asap!

WAG Championship meet:

Here is an eligiblity list . We encourage everyone who is eligible to attend. This is a proof of time meet, and does not have "bonus swims".  Please sign up if you're eligible.



This Saturday 11-20: practice for ABCDE (Dave's and DawnElla's groups): 7:45-9:45 am at Helix

All levels - please be aware that there are changes for practices next week, please check the schedule online.

Also the TBA for 11-26 and 11-27 for ABCDE will also be 7:45-9:45 am at Helix


-Coach Dave