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Fantastic CROW meet

This weekend's CROW meet was extremely successful! Almost every athlete in attendance had at least one best time or best unshaved time. 

Johanna Ahner dropped more than 10 seconds in several races 

Sierra Bassett got 100% best times 

Gabe Benitez got best times in 100/200 breast, 100 fly/ 100 back 

Bronwyn Blair dropped 2 seconds in 50 fly 

Kylie Carroll got 100% best times 

Rayan Chatterjee got 100% best times 

Saveta Holunga got 100% best unshaved times 

Brian Hsueh got 100% best times including several new JO times 

Steven Hsueh got 4 new best times 

Lillian Jeffries got 6 new best times and several new JO times 

Nicolina Johannsen got 100% best times 

Abhinav Kashyab got 100% best times 

Minh-Ky Kawamura got 6 new best times including an 11 second drop in the 200 free 

Claire Kleman got 6 new best times 

Megan Lemler got 100% new best times 

Chase Lewis got 100% new best times 

Charlie Mueller got 7 new best times 

Tyler Ortiz got 100% new best times 

Isaiah Silver got 100% new best times 

Mica Szymanski got 100% new best times 

Sienna Szymanski placed 3rd in her division of the 200 IM 

Zach Takeuchi got 5 new best times including a new JO time in the 100 fly 

Erik Van Niekerk got 3 new best times 

Waseem Zeid got 4 new best times 

Great job at the meet everyone!!! Go LAC!