Hinsdale Fall Classic Meet Recap

Congrats to the 170 CWAC swimmers that competed at the Hinsdale Fall Classic at their new pool over the weekend.  It was a great opportunity to get in some racing at a new facility that could be hosting some bigger meets down the road.  Thanks to everyone for their flexbility with the four sessions.

New State Times - Tavion Brown (1), Joy Cheng (1), Abrielle Kamara (4), Daniel Magana (1), Delaney Mulcrone (3), Danny Scott (1), Jeffrey Wang (3), Deniz Yardimci (2)

New Regional Times - Charlotte Alde, Halsted Barton (1), Ermuun Bayasgalan (3), James Bui (1), Charlie Cali (2), Sophia El-Amin (1), Alistair Guth (2), Efuru Harmon-Miller (1), Jackson Hayes (1), Lillien Headley (1), Tenoch Hernandez (2), Biko Hooper-Haviland (1), Samuel Kulisek (1), Daniel Magana (2), Reilly Martin (2), Mya Orozco (1), Caro Polsky (2), Aleks Sallay (1), Wilder Stairs (3), Nathan Szymanski (1), Dylan Walter (1), Claudia Walvoord (1), Katharine Xie (1)

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