Candy Cane Job Duties

Parents - it has been a while since we have had a normal Candy Cane meet.   This is our LARGEST meet of the year!!  We need each and every parent to help out to make this meet work!!

Please sign up for each of the following:

1 - a #1 food/drink item.  We use these for our hospitality room for the Coaches and Officials at the meet

2.  a #2 job duty - remember you must pick 1 job duty per swimmer you have swimming.

3.  a #3 cleaning duty - there are spots for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Please choose the one that fits your family's schedule the best.  REMEMBER all times listed for these are approximate.  It is your responsibilty to keep watch on the meet and return at the time we start cleaning.

If you have a personal situation please email early, it makes it much easier for us to help find a job that meets your situation.  ALL families will have to do job duties for us to run the meet, you will be charges if you don't complete your meet duties.