Chena Swim Meet - Nov 21, 2021

Chena Swim Meet

Greetings Swim Faster Families!

We had a fantastic swim meet Sunday, Nov. 21st – WOW!

We had 23 swimmers attend the Chena Development swim meet; every swimmer had at least 2 of 3 swims as a best time. All swimmers got to swim in a relay – wow, the team spirit was amazing! A shout out to our blind swimmers Nika and Jill for joining the team for that amazing event! Congratulations everyone!

    Some of our team swam the 200 IM for the first time. This is a very important event for competitive swimming as it has a time and performance standard to go with it. Once your swimmer can perform the event in under 4:00 minutes, they move to a Regional level of competitions (LMR: Lower Mainland Regional). This achievement also carries with it ALL of the stroke turns AND the transition turns. The Development meets and Time Trials are practice meets where you can try for your LMR standard, and practice these turns without penalty. Once our swimmers attend an LMR meet, they must perform the strokes & turns correctly as there will be Stroke & Turn Judges watching every swimmer. If they see a violation, the swimmer is disqualified, and their time will not be recorded. This is actually a good thing as it supports what us coaches are teaching your swimmers, and they can adjust their skill performance accordingly. Our first time 200 IMers were: JouJou & Oliver – WOW! Way to go swimmers! Our other 200 IMers included: Molly, placing first with a time of 3:19.07, Tristen came 2nd, Isha (Squamish) was 3rd, Izzy came 5th, Dylan was a strong 9th, Alvaro placed 15th, Esther close behind placing 16th, JouJou 20th, Erin 22nd, Emmy 23rd and mighty Oliver 24th. Truly outstanding results swimmers!

    It is common for coaches to use the 100 IM as a guide for entering a swimmer in the 200 IM. Once a swimmer can perform this event around a 2 minute mark, they are usually encouraged to start trying for the LMR standard. Our AMAZING 100 IM swimmers included: Madden, Meher (Squamish) Erika, Lexi, Anabelle, Evelyn, Logan, and mighty Ethan. Many of these swimmers will be attempting the 200 IM in the next event! Also: Jaehe, I’d love to see you try your 200 IM after such strong swims at the meet!

Congratulations to ALL of our awesome team members, and a special thank you to our parent volunteers who helped make this event an incredible success!

Swim Smarter, Swim Stronger, Swim FASTER!

Coach Al : )


Dear SFC Swimmers,

What a great performance! You all swam fantastic! Lot of Best Times in the event... and plenty of happiness!

Special congratulation to our New LMR swimmers:

  • Alvaro Larrea
  • Molly Zhang - Moving into Gold Group!
  • JouJou Bentley - Technically... you are there with a 4:00.48. Next time, the target is 3:55. Let's do it at Hollyburn!


  • Tristan Per moving to the Gold Group, swimming 200 IM under 3:25:00 with a time of 3:21
  • Isabelle Stack-Hunter - you are just there with a 3:28 time! Let's make the Gold Group on next time!

Another outstanding participation from Jill Sloane and Nika Najafi-Haghi, our Paralympic swimmers, dropping a lot of time on their first official swim meet! Congratulations!

Special thanks to Coach Al, Coach Santi and Coach Sara G.

Go SwimFaster Go!