Weekly Update November 28th

Happy Sunday! 

We hope you had a great holiday weekend for those who celebrate.    

Our winter season is starting this week.  Every winter season brings changes and this one is no different. Please check your practice training group schedules. There are some pool space restrictions and changes at our main locations, so make sure you know when and where you need to be. If there is any confusion, please reach out to Paul, Linda or Carl.   

Winter Session Begins November 29th

You do not need to re-register for the winter season. If your swimmer is taking a break from swimming or leaving to play another sport, as always, please let us know. 

  • Some schedules have changed.     
  • Schedule can be found here 
  • Google calendars have been updated this week - please note the google calendar changes as we get updates on High School meets and we get a chance to update / move practices 


The winter practice schedule for Novice and Age Group North are mostly unchanged. The most significant change will be Novice 1 & 2 will now practice at Delano from 7:00 to 8:00 pm on Mondays. All other practices remain as they were in the fall.

Seniors schedules are posted. Starting tomorrow (11/29) Mondays for SR North are at Watertown from 3:30-5:30.


The most significant changes to South are that AG1 and AG2 have Monday night proactices at Watertown.    There have been some slight time/ day adjustments for Novice 1 and two.   Please check the schedules.   

Seniors, we have made slight time adjustments, 

NDT (both North and South)

Your practice group schedule is also on the main tab.  Practice starts tomorrow at Watertown.   

Schedules can be found online under the groups tab and practice schedules 

Upcoming Meets and Deadlines

Upcoming meets have been loaded on to the website. Please take a look at the Events tab on the website.

Velocity December Home Meet

We are excited to be hosting our first home meet of the season! Some teams had to back out of the meet and we have condensed the meet to just one session, Sunday, December 5th. Unfortunately, when the meet was restructured, the volunteer list and meet entries were deleted. Please sign up again! We had over 65 swimmers signed up and we would like to see even more. This is our only fall home meet, so we would like every swimmer to be signed up.  

Volunteers - we need you! 

New to being a competitive swim parent? Don't worry about signing up for something you've never done before, we train our volunteers on the day of the meet and try to pair you up with an experienced swim parent. Volunteering your time is a great way to support Velocity, meet other parents on the team and be a part of the action on meet day!  

Meets Open to Full Registration:

  • AQJT Last Chance 2021 (December 18 and 19). New entries *might* be accepted.  Send a request to Carl if you would like to be added
  • FOXJ Winter Classic (January 14 - 16 for elite levels defined for this meet as - MN Champ times. In addition to Champ time qualification, up to four (4) Bonus events may be entered with a MN Gold time (within daily limits).).

Deadlines this week:

  • Monday, November 29 - 
    • Changes and withdrawals due for HURR meet.
  • Friday, December 3
    • Entries due for FOXJ meet.
  • Monday, December 6
    • Changes, withdrawals and maybe new entries due for AQJT meet.

Meets this week:

  • Sunday, December 5 -
    • Velocity Home meet (check meet job board for where you can help).

Ohhhh&. Did we mention - 

Winter schedules can be found online under the groups tab and practice schedules  Please dont hesitate to ask questions, mistakes will be made and grace is requested.  

Paul, Carl and Linda