Gator Holiday Meet Update #2

 Here are the heat sheets for the Gator Holiday Meet and warmup information. In addition, there will be a Thursday evening warmup from 5:30 - 7 PM for Friday morning swimmers. Heat sheets will not be for sale at the meet.

Gator Holiday Meet

Warmup Info

Heat sheets for finals are usually found on or


Message for Meet Director:

I would like to re-emphasize that we will be enforcing deck passes at this meet this year.  Please educate your new swimmers (and old ones) that if they don’t have a deck pass to enter the pool area they won’t be allowed in.  Swimmers that lose their deck pass may purchase a new one from our registration table in the Gate 3 lobby for $20. 

Swimmers will enter the pool through the lower Gate 2 or lower Gate 3 entrances.  Coaches can enter through those entrances once credentialed.  Swimmers are not allowed in the spectator seating area at any time and must exit through the outdoor lower gates (not up the bleachers as they will be roped off).


All parents will purchase tickets and enter the venue through upper Gate 2 Entrance.  Upper Gate 3 will be closed.  Please send out a reminder to parents that they will need to exit the venue after the morning prelim session promptly.  We will have closed bleachers during warm ups.  We will have 350 spectator tickets for sale for prelim and afternoon session, we will not charge for spectator tickets for finals but the seating will still be limited to the afore mentioned 4 upper rows of the bleachers and some standing room.  Tickets are $5 per session for any individual entering the building.

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Meet Entries

Go Cyclones!!!