Orlando Meet Information
Warmup Times
13 & Up - Friday 7:30am. Saturday & Sunday please arrive by 7:15am.     
12 & Under - all days 1:00pm
Finals for 11 & Up pool will open for warmups 1 hour prior to the Finals Session starting. Please click the link below for timeline and heat sheets. Please notify me as soon as possible if you are not returning for Finals. We have a 30 minute window to scratch without a penalty. 
All Swimmers - please bring a chair and small cooler with drinks and snacks along with your swim bag. Swimmers will sit together as a team on the pool deck. This makes it easy for the coaches to find them if needed, if they are sitting outside we will not be able to quickly get them. Swimmers are able to come in and out to talk with parents so be sure to send a parka and shoes that can slide on and off easily. The pool is separated into two courses please take note of which end your child is swimming.
Spectators WILL be allowed inside the facility, but we will NOT have seating for them, nor will we allow any outside chairs to be brought into the facility. The intention with this standing room only policy is for spectators to come in to watch their swimmer's events and then step out of the facility so that others can watch their swimmers, all while providing a comfortable level of social distancing for everyone. Outside chairs and tents will be allowed in the grassy areas (only) outside the facility. PLEASE COMMUNICATE THIS POLICY TO YOUR PARENTS BEFORE THEY ARRIVE AT THE MEET. 
RAFC is now an organization member of Florida Swimming and does not have a team of parents to call on to provide officials, timers, etc, and therefore we need our attending teams to provide volunteers to run these meets. If we do not have lane timers, then there will be delays in an already tight meet schedule. The link to sign up for lane timers is here: 
Heat sheets will be posted ONCE AVAILABLE at Please remind your parents (and yourselves) that the evening Finals heat sheet will NOT be ready until right before the start of Finals since we have 11-12's in the afternoon sessions. Coaches will have special online access to preview each event for confirmation of finalists, and we will discuss this further in the coaches meeting. 
We are still in need of officials to run the meet, so if you have anyone able and willing, please have them contact Quinn directly at [email protected].


All meet information and heat sheets are now available on Accurate Swim Timing website.  A direct link is found below.