Proof of vaccine for 12+; Dec. 15 last swim day

Hi all,

Starting Monday any of our swimmers 12 and older may be asked to show proof of vaccination upon entering the Ruth Inch Memorial Pool.

While our board is heading in this direction, and currently working on a plan for a similar vaccine mandate, we have not yet taken this step. This change is a result of the city's re-interpretation of its rules which mean we must, for now, follow their overall facilities policy. That requires anyone over 12 to show proof of vaccination and anyone over 18 to show proof of vaccination and ID. 

This will not be a big shift for our club.  ALL of our coaches are fully vaccinated, as well as the majority of our swimmers over 12. 

The board is continuing to draft a policy for a vaccine mandate. If you have further feedback, or have not yet weighed in on this, please drop a note to: [email protected]


We have just a week and a half of swimming left this year. 

The last day of swimming is Wednesday, Dec. 15.