Holiday Schedule and Meet information

I have updated the website with the January- March Meet information. After the Start of the Year, we have quite a few meets that come up. You can view those meets by going to our website and view under events. 

I have uploaded our Holiday Calendar and will be passing that out at practice this week and next week. 

We do have our Holiday Challenge.

So, one of the things I like to do is encourage kids to keep coming to practice over the Holiday Season. After January, things really pick up and we really start getting close to the championship season and our meets. We still want to get the kids to really focus on ending the season swimming fast at Regionals and Areas!


So, it really isn't the time to take 2 weeks off because then January will be a rude awakening! I like to try to keep the kids motivated and so I came up with a HOLIDAY CHALLENGE and have done that several times throughout the years. I ask for Sharks/Dolphins to attend 15 practices during this time period and Orcase to attend 12 practices during this time period! If they complete the challenge, I am working on their prize. Some of the prizes I have done before is Coupons to get out of a set, water bottles, Swim Caps, Candy, etc. I am working on what I can get in time!


I am collecting a few items, but sometimes people in the group may be able to donate some fruit snacks, water bottles (any swag from promotional events at work??), or something to the bag. If you want to add anything to the bags- let me know! I expect we will have about 75-80% complete the challenge, because no one wants to miss out!


The kids are swimming really well and learning a lot!


If you have any questions, please let me know!