Swim Meet Updates and Team Suit updates.

I have updated several event on our website for upcoming events. To See those events, you will need to click under the events tab. If you are having trouble registering for an event- please let me know and I will try to hlep.

I have the Holiday Calendar updated and I will pass out those at practice this week!

I also went into B&B today. They told me that the team suit that we have been using- is not longer available. I had planned to update it anyway this season, but several swimmers came in with new team suits before I heard back from her about our new team options- so I just left it alone. I didn't want people to have to buy another suit after they had purchased one already.

But, now, since the team is not available any longer, I have selected a new suit. If you have an older team suit, do not feel that you NEED to get a new one. But, when that suit wear out, we will try this one. 

Speedo is one of my favorites because the poly suits last a really long time, but Speedo is experiencing some shipping delays, so I chose a Dolphins suits this time around. The good news is that it is VERY cost effective and should be in stock!

Prices are Female- $40.50 Jammer- $33.00 + Tax