Mantas Swim Club Swimmers of the Month for NOVEMBER

We are excited to announce the Mantas Swim Club Swimmers of the Month for November!

The “Swimmer of the Month” will be given to athletes in each training group, Novice, Age Group, & Senior, at the end of each month. 

Criteria used to award these athletes are:

Practice Attendance

Attitude & Sportsmanship



Congratulations to the Mantas Swimmers of the Month for November!


Novice, Swimmer of the Month – Ayla Moeller

Alya is our novice swimmer of the month. Alya shows up the practice with unlimited energy and is always the first one in the water. She always looks forward to learning new skills to push her swimming abilities. I was excited to see her put those new skills to the test this past weekend!

Way to go, Ayla!

Coach Vance  


Age Group, Swimmer of the Month – Brienne Spillers

Brienne Spillers is our Age Group swimmer of the month.  She has worked hard during her time at practice for the past few months and just swam her first meet this past weekend. Not only did she swim in her first meet she swam a 50 of each stroke and all were legal.  She now has times in all four strokes.  She also had fun at the meet with a smile on her face and cheered on her teammates during the relay and other events.  As coaches, we love to see swimmers do great in the water, but also have fun.  

Great Job Brienne!!!

Coach Paul


Senior Groups, Swimmer of the Month – Ruby Lindstrom

Ruby is a consistent hard worker.  No matter what, Ruby gives her best effort all the time.  This often can be overlooked when swimmers don’t stand out in practice.  Ruby is always there, smiling, helping her teammates, and working to improve.  That alone is enough, but on top of all that Ruby is a racer!  She has the ability to flip the switch and flat out swim fast!  The best athletes are the ones you get to coach every day.  Great Job, Ruby!  Keep smiling, keep working hard, keep improving. 

I am so proud of you!

Coach Alex