SWAT Winter Invite

I know this is a little on the late side, but for good reason. There were so many great performances by many swimmers from all groups. It is very hard to put it all into a summary.

I want to apologize as well for the communication issues that occurred between Meet staff to the coaches, which made it difficult for you as families to know who would be allowed into the facility for each session. Thank you for your patience and desire to support your swimmers in person.  The swimmers rose to the occasion despite all the issues for spectator entry. We had three new swimmers at the SWAT meet: Jayda, Ryder and Julian, all from C Squad. I could not ask for a better swim from their first meet. I know these three are going to get better with each race experience they compete in.


This meet was a prelims/finals format for 11 and over and timed finals for 10 and under.  The first night we started off with some outstanding best times in the 200 Free and 500 freestyle events, highlighted by Tillie Sobek’s Northwest Age Group cut in the 500 Free with a 5:38.77.

Then both prelim sessions we had over 100 swims and over 40 swims returned to compete in finals each night. This meant 40% of our swimmers returned to finals and only 6 swimmers from each age group returning made for an exciting finals session each night.


In finals we had many swimmers double dip–meaning they dropped in prelims, made finals and then dropped more time in their swim in finals. The one that takes the cake for Saturday night was Demi Blaylock’s 100 Fly which she dropped 1.3 seconds in prelims and another 0.5 seconds in Finals for a Senior Zones qualifying time.


By the end of Sunday the swimmers were feeling every swim they have done, and were tired going into finals of the last night. However, that did not hold them back, including Luke Neary, as he capped off the weekend with 100% best times for all his swims. What an incredible weekend of swimming. We had many relays beat their entry times, we had some 300+ swims that were filled with reaching goal times, and many best times. The coaches were proud to see swimmers correct previous errors to complete races legally for the first time as well. It was an honor to coach these swimmers that work so hard. We can’t wait for the next meet to see what more can be accomplished together on CAST.  Great Job everyone!


Below is the list of swimmers that made Both Saturday and Sunday Finals-great job!

1.Bostyn Shoemaker

2. Rachel Nicholls

3. Demi Blaylock

4. Emma Fredekind

5. Annika Olson

7.Eli Shaw

8.Dallin Stephens

9. Belle Taylor

12. Ella Mohr

13. Tillie Sobek

14. Quinn Taylor

15.Owen Bennett

16.Riley Taylor

17. Addie Wallace

18. Everly Desancic

19. Luke Neary

20. Lauren Stephens