New Insurance Certificate for Meets

USA Swimming has a new insurance carrier.

You can request a new insurance certificate in two ways:

  1. Fill out an online request form using
  2. Fill out the pdf form here: and email it back to IOA at [email protected].

More information is available at

 Further update (December 16, 2021)

Even as experienced partners, USA Swimming and IOA want to ensure this transition is as seamless and as easy as possible for you. We invite you to reach out for assistance at any time. Contact details can be found in the insurance packet, accessed below or by visiting

Beyond reading the insurance packet, one important change we wish to highlight for you is the new process for requesting additional insured certificates of insurance. IOA requires LSCs and member clubs to request additional insured certificates from IOA directly. This can be accomplished by submitting a form either:

For more information about the USA Swimming-provided insurance coverages, please visit