EAC - Weekly Update 1/2

Hello EAC Families!
Happy New Year! We have a busy and exciting first week of 2022! We have a home dual meet on Saturday and our Frosty Frolic on Sunday! There are two practice changes this week on Monday and Tuesday. Swimmer declarations for the Ephrata meet are due Friday. Although some swim meet information is a review from our last home meet, please take the time to read it as a helpful reminder. Have a great week! 

Dual Meet - EAC @ Ephrata, Saturday, January 15
This is an AFTERNOON meet, 12:00-4:00. Deadline to declare: Friday, January 7th.

Practice Schedule Changes
Monday, January 3rd – Friday Practice Schedule
Tuesday, January 4th – No practice, High School Meet
Be sure to look ahead at the team calendar as we are now in high school swim meet season.

Frosty Frolic Volunteers – We’re almost there!
We are still looking for help with swimmer lineup in the Kav! 
A newly added job is Lifeguard! If you have an older swimmer who is a lifeguard please check to see if they would be willing to volunteer in this role.
Further details and volunteer directions for the Frosty will be coming this week. It's going to be a great event!

Swim Meet Livestream
EAC will be streaming Saturday's meet and the Frosty Frolic! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and take advantage of the EAC Livestream. Feel free to pass the link along to all those who want to watch, but aren’t able to attend. 

Dual Meet - LVO @ EAC, Saturday, January 8
Swimmers should arrive at the pool 15 minutes prior to their warm-up time below:

  • 7:15-7:25 - Green and Blue + groups
  • 7:25-7:35 - Blue and White + groups
  • 7:35-7:45 - White group
  • 8:30 am - meet start

Swimmers should check with Coach Ken before leaving a swim meet, please. 
Remind your swimmer(s) to clean up their seating area before leaving.

Mask Procedures for Swim Meets 

  • Swimmers wear masks until they line up at the blocks. 
  • Swimmers carry a Ziploc bag with their name on it. Put their mask in the bag and hang it on the storage locker hooks as they walk to the blocks.
  • Masks required for all meet attendees. Coaches and officials/volunteers may remove their masks as needed to perform their responsibilities.

Items to Bring to a Meet
layering clothing, mask, blanket or yoga mat, water bottle, snacks, money for food at Jay's Nest, Sharpie to write event numbers, things to do between events

Seating for Swimmers and Parents

  • 10 and under swimmers will sit around the pool deck.
  • 11 and older swimmers will sit in the areas marked “EAC” in the Jay Walk.
  • Bleacher seating is limited. It is common practice to leave the bleachers when you do not have a swimmer in an upcoming event. Thank you!


  • Swimmers are permitted to use the locker room restrooms during meets. The girl’s locker room is down the stairs and down the hall from the pool deck. The boy’s locker room is up the stairs in the opposite corner of the pool deck.
  • Families will use the restrooms down the hallway near the gymnasium. Family members and spectators are not permitted to use the locker rooms.

Jay’s Nest 
The Jay’s Nest will be open to purchase food and drink during the meet.

National Anthem Singers Needed
Does your swimmer have a great singing voice? Would they be willing to sing the National Anthem at the start of the meet? Music and lyrics will be provided on a phone. In the past, we have had a group of swimmers sing together. Please email Crystal if you know of willing swimmers!

Have a wonderful first week of 2022! Here’s to a great year for our amazing EAC family!