LCN vs. Dakota - Meet Results

The Crusaders competed against Dakota this evening and the score was about what I expected. The Cougars defeated LCN by a score of 133 to 47. The reason I say this is because I have been trying to emphasize to the team that they have a great deal of potential, but I need everyone at practice everyday for the entire practice so every individual will have the opportunity to excel.

I hope tonight has been a learning experience for all of the members of the team. I know several of the swimmers did not believe me when I said if they are not at practice, I was not going to let them participate in the meet. Tonight, I broke their attendance down over the break and they swim the number of events that matched their attendance percentage over the holiday break. For the remainder of the season if they miss a practice because they "just do not feel like practicing" then they will NOT compete in the next meet, but WILL have to attend the meet and participate in all warm-up and recover activities.

Having said this, I would like to recognize that us coaches witnessed a number of outstanding swims (even though limited in numbers) from a number of individuals. The following swimmers had best times in the following events: Christian Talampas - 200 & 500 Free, Jack Gurecki - 100 Free, Jason Hughes - 500 Free and Zack Schmitz - 100 Breast. These were great swims, but I think the 400 Free Relay was the best race of this evening. I tried to set the relays so they were evenly balanced. I do think the "A" relay would have beat the "B" relay, but this was not the case. The "B" relay was determined to beat the "A" relay and their determination paid off. Those swimmers stepped out of their comfort zone and raced to win. I know this race shows the potential of the team. This team has a great deal of potential if I can just get the team to practice like they swam tonight.

Our next meet is this Thursday against Marine City at Marine City High School. All swimmers MUST ride the bus to the meet. The bus time is 4:00 so all swimmers need to be at the school by 3:45. THERE IS NO RETURN BUSSING, so all swimmers need to make sure they have a ride home from the meet.

One last thing, I mentioned this evening about looking for volunteers to help with team dinners and with all the Championship meets the team will be hosting, I will be looking for a volunteer to help ensure the team is ready to host the meet. If you are interested please contact me.

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