Championship Meets


The coaching staff has discussed the championship meet options available to our team and the benefits which each can provide for our members. In our discussions we took into consideration the competition available at each meet, the meets’ locations, the dates of the meets, the different needs of our many swimmers, and the ability of the coaches to cover the meets.

Here are the meets which are available on our schedule:

2/18-20                 Region 2 Meet @ Baylor

2/25-27                 Southeastern Champs @ Huntsville

3/4-6                      Southern Premier Meet @ Knoxville

3/10-13                 Senior Sectional @ Cary, NC

3/15-19                 NCSA Juniors @ Orlando

3/17-20                 Age Group Sectional @ Cary, NC

All but the Region 2 Meet have qualifying times to be eligible to participate.

As you can see, we have added the Southeastern Championship Meet to our schedule.

As each family weighs their options, let me outline some thoughts:

  • Some of our older swimmers will be participating in their State High School Championship on or around February 11-12. This can be a very intense experience and may require some recouperation before their next competition.
  • The Region 2 Meet has no qualifying times, so everyone can attend. This is a great meet for those who have not yet qualified for some of the other Championship Meets, or who need a last chance to qualify in more events.
  • For our age-group swimmers, especially our 12 & under swimmers, the Southeastern meet has traditionally had more depth of quality than the Southern Premier Meet.
  • The Southern Premier Meet traditionally rivals the Southeastern Meet for the quality of swimming for the 13 and older age groups.
  • The Sectional Meets have more stringent qualifying standards than the Southeastern or the Premier Meets (The Southern Premier Meet uses the same qualifying times as Southeasterns).
  • While some swimmers could conceivably attend almost all of the meets, it would be prudent to limit one’s efforts and focus. This will allow a swimmer to be properly rested for their main meet. Going to too many meets back-to-back is tough both physically and mentally.
  • We realize that travel costs, health concerns, other family activities, etc, can impact your choice of which meet(s) to attend.
  • Meets will open up for sign up on our website when we receive the meet information. Please note that in some cases our entry deadline may be well-ahead of the host’s deadline. This will allow the coaches to better prepare our swimmers as well as strategize about meet coverage.
  • The unpredictability of the continuing COVID pandemic may impact some meets. (USA Swimming just cancelled the TYR Pro Meet scheduled for next weekend in Knoxville, citing the rise in COVID cases in the area.) Any changes like that are out of our control. We are planning to attend the meets on our schedule if they are not cancelled. However, the decision of families who choose to not participate due to health concerns will be respected.

One last thought: Consult with your coach if you are trying to decide between different meets. He has been the one training you and can discuss which meet(s) are best suited for you given your current training and your longer-term goals.

Note: Links to the qualifying times for the Championship Meets can be found on our website under the “For Swimmers” tab > Time Standards.