DAVID PLUMMER - JAN 21st 4:30pm



BAC Families - we look forward to welcoming  TEAM USA OLYMPIAN DAVID PLUMMER  on Friday January 21st. 4:30pm - please LOGIN to the BAC website and commit to the event.  ZOOM LOGIN info will be emailed out that Friday. 


Please note there will be NO WORKOUTS that evening, following the ZOOM, athletes will be placed into Zoom Breakout rooms for a virtual team engagement session.





David believes that positive leaders drive team culture which, in turn, drives performance. He knows that good leaders are able to build relationships, increase motivation, and foster collaboration, but that the best leaders are able to develop a culture where this happens naturally. David also believes that leaders can improve their ability to do all of these things with intentional reflection and a strong work ethic.


As an athlete, David competed at four World Championships, earning three medals. He was a four-time USA Swimming National Champion and retired from swimming after winning Gold and Bronze in the Rio Olympic Games. David also helped the University of Minnesota win two Big Ten Team Titles and was a 14-time All-American. As a coach, he led high school athletes to become All-Americans and teams to their best performances in history