WE NEED EVERYONE'S support to keep ECCC members healthy and  to  help our program  avoid  any shutdowns due to staffing shortages. We appreciate our families who are taking the needed precautions during this heightened time of COVID spread and communicating with us. We hope the best for any and all our families who have members or close loved ones that have experienced exposure  or dealing with illness. We realize these are complicated and difficult times.

  • If your swimmer has been tested and you are waiting on results, they SHOULD NOT be attending practice or any ECCC hosted events until they have a clear COVID test. 
  • Regardless of vaccination status, someone with concerns of COVID infection or close contact exposure should be masked for 14 days. Athletes cannot mask when swimming and therefore should not be practicing or  attending ECCC hosted events until 14 days after their last day of symptoms or date of exposure (with no symptoms).*
*These are based on best practices provided for schools by the CDC and the NJDOH guidelines.