Aulea Weekly Update

Aloha all,

I hope everyone had a fantastic first week back in training! Congratulations to our OIA swimmers who had their first High school meet of the season.  Many of them qualified for high school states (congrats to Tristan, Zach, Luca and Paige for qualifying for states already!).  High school swimming is a great experience and it's awesome to see so many Aulea athletes that train with the club represent their high schools.  This week, both the OIA and ILH are in action so all of our high school swimmers will get to show off their skills!  

As a reminder, our first meet of 2022 will be an A+ on January 23rd at VMAC.  This will be the last chance to qualify for our spring championship meet (The Oahu Spring Invitational, March 11-13 at VMAC).  We will be hosting a parent meeting for those interested in our spring travel meet (14 and under athletes) later this week.  Please stay tuned for details!

Here is the schedule for this week:

Intro I:  M/W (4:05-4:45), Saturday (1:00-1:50) at Kokokahi

Intro II: M/W (4:50-5:30), Saturday (2:00-2:50) at Kokokahi

Intro III: M/W (5:40-6:30), Saturday (3:00-3:50) at Kokokahi

Bronze: M-F (5:00-5:55) at Kailua District Park

Silver: M-F (6:00-6:55) at Kailua District Park

Gold: M-F (5:00-6:30) at Kailua District Park; we are testing out a Thursday practice this week for all gold swimmers**

Junior: M-F(5:00-6:45) at Kailua District Park; We are testing out a Tuesday practice this week for all junior swimmers**

Senior/Elite: M-TH (5:00-7:00) at Kailua District Park, Saturday (7:00-9:30 at American Renaissance Academy)- PLEASE BRING SHOES FOR DRYLAND, Wednesday AM at LJA from 5:50-7:00 PM.  ***Please note that Friday afternoon is off this week for the senior/elite group due to high school meets taking place.  Swimmers in senior/elite that are still in middle school or are homeschooled may do the Junior group practice on Friday if they wish***

Happy Streamlines and Goooo Aulea!

Coach Joe