Good morning, Mantas Families!

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we moved through last week and our practice time and location adjustments.  

We are back to a “normal” week of training.  There is a ton of information in this update, and I want to encourage you to read the whole thing to the end.  Stick with me. 

First, here is our training schedule for the week. 

Novice will swim at Saint Peter Middle School, 6:15pm – 7:15pm, Monday – Thursday.

Age Groups will swim at Saint Peter Middle School, 6:15pm – 7:15pm, Monday – Thursday.

Senior 1 and Senior 2 will swim at Gustavus 6:30 – 8:30pm, Monday – Thursday, and 6:00 – 7:30pm on Friday. 


Meet Updates:  Mantas is competing the next three weekends.  Final information will come out to participating families for the meet this weekend in New Prague, the Neptune IMR/IMX Challenge, by Wednesday.  

Meet Registration is open for the BAC Holiday Distance Classic in Shakopee on January 22. Registration is due TODAY!  

Meet Registration for the STORM Cold as Ice Invite has been extended one week.  Registration is now due Monday, January 17.  

Meet information for our Championship Season, end of February – March, will be coming out shortly. 


SCRIP Update!  

Earn money to support Mantas Swim Club and help you pay for monthly practice and meet fees!

Quick and Easy: SCRIP RaiseRight Mobile App

Mantas Swim Club will split the total rebate 50/50 with participating Mantas family. You can check your family’s account (on ) at any time and see how much you have “banked” up.
You may use your half of the rebate money toward your swim fees! 

• These are the same “gift” cards as you’d buy at a “gift card mall” or at the store. 

• You set up a family account on and associate your account with Mantas Swim Club using our enrollment code which you can get from the Scrip Coordinator (Stephanie Otto: [email protected]). 

Payment options:Click here to learn more about payment options 

1. “Prestopay”          2. Credit card  

Please note, we are not offering the pay by check option. 

*E-gift cards are sent directly to you immediately 

*Physical card orders will be placed once per month on the 15th. 

Please contact Stephanie Otto —Mantas Scrip Coordinator to get the Mantas enrollment code or with questions: [email protected] 


Thank you reading this far, We’re almost there! 

Below is information from one of our own Mantas Athletes, doing good work in her community.  

Olivia Koeneman is a captain of a completely student run Climb 2 Feed Kids team and she is looking for donations. Climb 2 Feed Kids is an annual fundraising event for The Backpack Food Program. The Backpack Food Program helps feed kids in the community who do not have a stable food source at home. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $1,000 by January 28th. Due to COVID safety regulations, the event itself will be held outdoors at Mount Kato Ski Hill rather than Minnesota State University, and instead of climbing stairs the group will be climbing up the ski hill and sliding back down on a tube!

Please do not feel any obligation to donate, but if you are interested  PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK RIGHT HERE.

Thank you so much! -- 

Olivia Koeneman

Class of 2023

Thanks for being a great leader OLIVIA!  


As always, let me know if you have any questions about anything. 
Have a great week!
Alex Lindstrom
Head Coach
Mantas Swim Club