Updates/home meet tomorrow
Good evening everyone,

Thank you all for another great night of practice! Please see the updates below for this week:

HS meets Tuesday and Thursday this week. Practices will start at 6:45 on both Tuesday and Thursday this week. 

Clothing orders 
Clothing orders are in and can be picked up at the pool during practice times! If you have not received yours yet please stop in and talk to coach Tim!

Team suits
If you ordered a team suit, I will be picking them up for C&M tomorrow and will have them at practices to give out. Please have your swimmer or a family member grab them!

GPAC meet this weekend
Those of you who are attending the meet this weekend at GCIT, an email will be sent out tomorrow with information about warm up times, meet times, and any other important info. You can also look at the event page on Team Unify to find out the info. 

February meets
Three more meets were added to our schedule today. Two are mini meets which are only for 8 and unders. The DST last chance meet is for ages 9 and over as well as a mini meet. These will be the last meets to attend during winter prior to champs which need a qualifying time in March. If you have questions about signing up, would like help picking events, or have any other questions, please reach out!

Team pictures
We are working on a night/time with our team photographers to come and get team/individual pics. You can purchase pictures of your swimmers if you would like. More info will be out soon with a date and time. 

Keep up and hard work and see our Tuesday practice groups tomorrow at 6:45pm. 

Coach Tim