LCN vs. Lakeview - Meet Results

The Crusaders competed against the Lakeview Huskies this evening and what an exciting meet. Unfortunately, LCN lost the meet by a score of 91-85. There were so many great races and great swims, I do not even know where to start. 

I guess I will begin with those swimmers that posted personal best times this evening: 200 IM - Zack Schmitz, 50 Free - Christian Talampas & Jason Stec, 100 Fly - Tyler Leverenz, 500 Free - Jason Hughes & Jason Stec and 100 Breast - Christian Talampas & Zack Schmitz. A number of swimmers posted season best times, these swimmers included: 200 Free - Joey Vaughn, 200 IM - Kyle Schmitz, 100 Fly - Devin Schwartz,100 Free - Joey Vaughn and 100 Back - Devin Schwartz.

This team has a great deal of potential and talent. To come this close to winning the meet knowing that Lakeview would automatically score 7 extra points in individual events and 4 extra points in relays over LCN because of the size of the teams explains why LCN lost, but there were several events in which the team could have become victorious tonight. This is the goal us coaches are working towards with the team. We are challenging every swimmer to do their part and step up to help the team be victorious at every competition. But it all begins at practice. As I have been stating all season, every swimmer needs to be at every practice and working out of their "comfort zone". Once this happens, I believe this team will see great things happen both individually, but as a team in the future.

LCN vs Lakeview - Meet Results.pdf