COVID-19 Guideline Changes & Tools
In accordance with updated NJDOH guidelines, there are numerous COVID-19 safety policy changes that impact our team. We would like to point out, masking requirements mostly dictate when a swimmer is able to return to the pool deck, as swimmers cannot mask. So while vaccinated individuals exposed to COVID-19 may not have to quarantine they do have to mask. We appreciate everyone's understanding as we try to keep our team healthy and operational.  We also appreciate everyone's support and communication with Head Coach Donnie Cotter as situations occur.
Please find the ECCC COVID-19 Safety Guide that hopefully answers most questions in regards to COVID-19 close contact or positive test values. It is also available on our team site under "Team Resources". Again we appreciate everyone's cooperation and continue to ask that anyone showing signs of illness PLEASE stay home, regardless of vaccination status. Thank you!