12&U meet information

12&U meet this weekend

First of all, a big shout out and thank you to any and all of you who have currently signed up to help at the meet. If you haven't signed up to help, we still have some slots to fill. Rest assured - all jobs take 3 minutes or less to learn. So especially if you have swimmers in the meet this weekend and were afraid to sign up because you were unsure of what you could do, please find an ope job and go for it.

Second, I forgot one important job on the list.....getting stuff back to Kroc center at the end of the meet on Sunday. we need 3 large vehicles (preferably pickup trucks but large vans or SUV's will work)to transport all of our meet stuff back to the Kroc center. I have now added that job listing.

Workout for Coach Dave's  ABC Sat AM - Helix 5:45 - 7:30

Warmup for swimmers in the meet: Please be on deck at Helix at 6:50 am. our "in the water" time is 7:05 - 7:40 for warmup.

Bring a Mask: We ask that everyone wear a mask when standing in line for check-in, standing in line for snack bar or going inside the main restroom facilities where you are indoors with others.

Sit with the team: Parents are asked to sit in the bleachers (we'll try to have a parent CAST area) when not doing volunteer jobs, and kids are asked to sit with the team in the swimmer/team-canopy area.

Wear CAST clothing / suits / caps etc.: Represent your team well. Coaches will have lates cast caps. Unfortunately we are still waiting on delivery of the caps that were ordered in early October (too long of a story to tell).

Bring your own pen or sharpie (so we're not sharing those items) to write your events and heat and lane assignments on your hand / arm / foot / etc.

We are providing a very limited snack bar. Drinks and a few menu items (cup o nooles, oatmeal, fruit itmes and a couple of snack items). There will be no meals (although some may consider oatmeal or cup o noodles a meal), so please plan accordingly.

This is the first meet in 21 months that is not pre-seeded! That means swimmers will need to check-in for their races (we'll have you do this at the end of your warmup). Once check-in closes (8:30 am) then the meet admin will seed the meet with the people who have checked in. (so make sure you follow directions  of the coaches  at the end of warmup - swimmers will be expected to check themselves in (parents will not be allowed to do this)). Once seeded, the heat and lane assignments will be posted on a designated wall or fence. If your swimmer has never experienced this, we'll try to partner you with someone who has.

The warmup space for warming up and cooling down before and after your races is very small. we will give you instructions on how we want you to proceed at the end of general warmup.

Map to pool

Psyche sheet:

Estimated timeline It may run longer.

Other meet info from the meet administrator

I think that covers it for now.

Thanks for your help. You might be getting the idea in seeing the jobs list that a lot goes on behind the scenes. So be patient with the workers and volunteers - everyone is doing their best to help.

Let's run a great meet and make way for some great swimming!!!!

Coach Dave