EAC - Covid Policy Update 1/14/22

Covid Policy Update

Effective today, EAC will adopt and follow the quarantining and contact tracing portions of the EASD policy that became effective 1/12/2022. These will serve as our revised EAC policy. NOTE: EAC will continue to follow the college mask policy as this remains a requirement of our use of the facility. Disregard any mask portions of the EASD policy as they do not apply to EAC. Additionally, replace "student" with "swimmer" when consulting the guidelines.

Please continue to contact Crystal Hirst at [email protected] and Coach Ken [email protected] via email to notify EAC of any positive or symptomatic swimmers. Alternately, you can text Crystal Hirst at 717-371-8806.

EASD Guidelines 1/12/22 copied from EASD communications.

Please contact Crystal Hirst if you have any questions. 

Thank you!

EAC Board