EAC - Swim Photos on Flickr

Hello EAC families,

Mr. Jim McKenzie, the grandfather of Julia Garber, an EAC swimmer, has graciously volunteered his time to take photos of EAC swimmers again this season. You will not want to miss these amazing photos!

Mr. McKenzie’s Flickr account: eacswimphotos
private, by invitation only from Jim McKenzie (grandfather of Julia Garber)

1. Set up a Flickr account at 

2. After setting up your account, email Mr. McKenzie at [email protected] to share the requested information below.

Message from Mr. McKenzie:
Please email me and include your name, your swimmer’s name, and the email address you used to set up your Flickr account. Once that information is received, I will send you an email via Flickr that invites you to the site.  There may be a bit of delay before you receive the Flickr email, but I will do my best to turn it around quickly. Once you get to the eacswimphotos Flickr site, the photos are in albums organized by the swim meets. The photos go back to 2014 and to date there are over 30,000 on the EAC site.

If you encounter any problems with setting up an account or gaining access to the site send an email to [email protected] and I will be able to help you out.

Jim McKenzie