LCN vs. Romeo - Meet Results

What an outstanding the meet the Crusaders had this evening. The team competed against Romeo and defeated the Bulldogs by an announced score of 83-74. The actual score of the meet was 111-56. As part of my belief in sportsmanship, I try not to run the score up at a meet. So I will exhibition certain events so our team will not earn any points and the opposing team will earn all of the points for that event. Through my experience, this helps boost the confidence in some swimmers that may not believe in their potential as a swimmer and sometimes one little boost helps them work harder and become better swimmers.

This is beginning to become evident with our team. The boys are beginning to learn that in order to excel in this sport, you always have to continuously work smarter and step out of ones comfort zone. Unfortunately, the line of knowledge and ones comfort zone continuously moves every time they think they have got it down. Therefore, this will be a continuous process and hopefully the boys will continue to step up to the challenge us coaches have set before them. 

The evidence of the boys improving their practice habits definitely showed tonight. I know this was an extremely fast meet, only lasting 45 minutes, but I know this is going to be a good learning experience about how to race, even when a person is exhausted. The majority of the swimmers had great first swims, and swam close to their best times in their second swims. The goal is to get them to learn swim fast and hard even when they are exhausted.

The following swimmers swam their best times in the following events this evening: 200 Free - Andrew Lowe, 200 IM - Joey Vaughn & Jack Gurecki, 50 Free - Justin Rosado & Jason Hughes, 100 Fly - Zack Schmitz, 500 Free - Andrew Lowe and 100 Breast - Christian Talampas.

Our next meet is against Henry Ford II at Henry Ford II High School. One-way bussing will be provided. It will be the parents responsibility to provide swimmers with a ride home from the meet. This is going to be a very close meet and a very exciting meet, but I believe LCN can be victorious if our boys come not only to swim, but swim to win.

LCN vs Romeo - Meet Results.pdf