Dear Seminole Aquatics Family,


Thanks again for your incredible patience throughout our renovation process.  You're going to love the pool.  Here's the very latest, as of 7:30 pm on Wednesday, January 19:


1.  There is a very slight chance that we'll be able to swim tomorrow afternoon, but please wait for confirmation via Remind text.  If you are not on our text system, here's how you can join to receive text messages:


2.  The weather will be very cold again next week, and then we are projected to have a warm February, with average daily highs in the 70s, and nightly lows in the mid-50s.  Pool temp expected to be 80 degrees.  


3.  For the remainder of January (six to ten practices, depending on the group your child is in), only the January roster of swimmers that have been going to Lake Howell to train may swim at Seminole once we reopen on either Thursday or Friday of this week.  It creates a billing nightmare for us to do this any other way.  And for our youngest swimmers, it's going to be a very cold week next week, so stay home for a few more days, and start back on Feb. 1.  If you haven't been at Lake Howell, and plan on returning on Feb. 1, please email [email protected] to have Tami activate your account for February.  


4.  AG1 and AG2 will resume on Tuesday, Feb. 1 at 5 pm.  


5. If your child is in AG3 and has been swimming in Coach Scott and Coach Alice's combined group at Lake Howell, they should continue to come to Seminole in January once we reopen later this week.  No other AG3s can resume at Seminole until Tuesday, Feb. 1.


6.  All AG4, AG5, and SR swimmers that have not been at Lake Howell this month must wait until Tuesday, Feb. 1 to resume training.




Tony Ackerson

Head Coach, Seminole Aquatics