13&O meet information

Information for the meet this weekend.....

The meet is at the Coronado BBMAC facility.

Please be on site at 7:05 each morning. If your first race is scheduled to be AFTER 10:30, your coach may allow you to show up later....but you will need to arrange that with your coach so you can be checked in.

Speaking of Check-in. From Sept 2020 through December 2021 all meets were pre-seeded. Due to the large number of open lanes, the LSC has decided to go back to having swimmers check in for their races so the races will be deck seeded.

So all swimmers will need to check in for their races prior to 8:30 am. This also brings into play the rulebook penalties for missing a race. If you miss a race without prior notification to the meet referee, you will be scratched from your next race.

There will be NO SNACK BAR so swimmers and families need to plan accordingly.

Please help and sign up to time and/or schlep canopies.. . Job sign-up

ESTIMATED meet timeline

Psyche sheet

Other general meet info


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