The Week Ahead 2021-2022 (#21)

In this Week Ahead (#21)

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  • Team News
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Meet News: 

MAKO Qualifier 

Lil Blue Penguin (10 & Under)

    • Due to schedule & facility issues this meet has been moved.
      • NEW DATE: 2/6/2022
      • NEW VENUE: Eppley Center at University of Maryland
  • Entry guidlines for University of Maryland pool will be provided shortly
  • Meet Announcement
  • Supplemental Information
  • Date: 02/06/2022
  • This meet is open to all 10 & Under swimmers registered with USA-S
Many of the meets that TIBU participates in will also be available on the Meet Mobile app for Android & IOS

Practice News: 

Practice Change this Week

  • Saturday 1/29/22: The Celeste group moves to Gaithersburg Aquatic Center (GAC) 7:00-9:15am. All other practices are as scheduled. 

Upcoming Practice Cancellations:

  • Sunday 2/6/22ALL Practice groups will be cancelled on this date due to 

Late Pick Up Policy: Please review our late pick up policy                click here

Team News:  

Personalized mask bags are a must! In the last two weeks we have had several swimmers take teammates masks because they use similar styles of mask. Swimmers must have a bag with their name on it. 

Team Equipment:

A list of the all the required equipment can be    found here.  There are several swimmers that continue to forget or do not have the necessary equipment to successfully complete practices. It is also highly recomended that all equipment be labeled. With most equipment being similar, labeling will ensure that your athlete can find their equipment.

  • Swimmers in the following groups are required to have personal equipment

    • Competition Level: Azul, Celeste Plus, Celeste, Verde
    • Non-Competition: High School Prep, Jr. Developmental, Advanced Stroke Clinic

SafeSport Training:

As a SafeSport recognized team we encourage all our families (athletes & parents) to take part in the SafeSport training that USA-Swimming provides. Please use this link to get more information about SafeSport 

Call for the Class of 2022

We will again be featuring out Class of 2022 on all our media platforms. If you are a high school senior please submit a brief bio including the number of years you have been with TIBU, if your plan includes college athletics and what school you have decided to attend. We will post it on our instagram, facebook and on the TIBU website. We will also be submitting our graduate list to Potomac Valley to be posted on the PVS website

Please review the      TIBU Policy page for information about withdrawing from programs, inclement weather & late pick up.

Facility News:

Swimmers must wear their mask to the edge of the pool. Please remind your swimmers of this, we have had many swimmers leave their masks in their swim bags and walk to the pools edge unmasked. For the safety of all our swimmers please ensure that swimmers are adhering to the masking policies of our facilities. 

Personalized mask bags are a must! In the last two weeks we have had several swimmers take teammates masks because they use similar styles of mask. Swimmers must have a bag with their name on it. 

Quince Orchard Swim & Tennis Club:

Just a friendly reminder that only parents of our youngest swimmers (6 & Under) are allowed to escort swimmers into the air dome for practices. All other swimmers should be able to enter and exit the facility unaccompanied. 

Additional Information:

Updating Account:

  • Updating Account Information: 
    • Login---->MY Account--->MY Account
    • Make changes to your
      • Account address, email, setup SMS (text messaging)
      • Member Update (Athlete): Shirt Size, athlete email address, SMS number etc.
    • SMS numbers must be Verified to get text message alerts from TIBU. 
    • Add additional email address that should be contacted. 
    • SAVE Button must be clicked after ever update

TIBU Team Apparel 

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