2022 14-under All-Star Festival


2022 14-under All-Star Festival


Over the weekend, 192 of Southern California's up and coming 14 & Under swimmers descended upon Las Vegas for the  2022 All-Star Festival Meet. After two days of great racing, the competition throughout the weekend was so fierce,  new meet records were set in 57 of the 86 events!


This year's Festival meet, held in Las Vegas at the Pavilion Center Pool for the first time in the meet's history, also featured some new events, such as mixed relays and 400 IM for the 11-12 & 13-14 age groups. After the competition on Saturday, the athletes stuck around for a pool party celebration that was a blast. Olympians Katie Grimes and Bella Sims stopped by to sign autographs and take pictures with the next generation of SoCal stars.  Aquazot atlethes were selected to represent SCS team:



Raymond Jew - 3rd Place-Boys 10 & Under 50 Yard Breaststroke, 4th Place-r 100 Yard Breaststroke

Makenna Stinson - 4th Place-Girls 13-14 200 Yard IM, 6th Place-100 Yard Backstroke, 7th Place- 500 Yard Freestyle, 5th Place-200 Yard Freestyle, 2nd Place- 200 Yard Backstroke, 3rd Place-400 Yard IM

Eric Wang - 7th Place  Boys 11-12 100 Yard Freestyle, 50 Yard Butterfly, 8th Place-50 Yard Freestyle






Amir Ali - 1st Place-Boys 11-12 100 Yard Freestyle, 100 Yard Breaststroke, 100 Yard IM (Meet Record: 1:02.12 # 1/23/2022), 200 Yard IM,  2nd Place-50 Yard Backstroke,  100 Yard Backstroke









Haylee Pramono - 1st. Place-Girls 10 & Under 100 Yard Breaststroke (Meet Record: 1:12.55 # 1/23/2022) 1st. Place-50 Yard Freestyle (Meet Record: 27.24 # 1/23/2022), 2nd Place-100 Yard Freestyle, 3rd Place-200 Yard Freestyle,  50 Yard Backstroke (Meet Record: 30.13 # 1/23/2022)  50 Yard Breaststroke (Meet Record: 33.70 # 1/23/2022) 






Marco Pablo Tirado - 10th Place-Boys 11-12 100 Yard Freestyle, 4th Place- 50 Yard Breaststroke, 2nd Place-50 Yard Butterfly, 4th Place-100 Yard Breaststroke, 3rd Place-100 Yard Butterfly, 2nd Place-100 Yard IM, 

Ethan Ma - 9th Place- Boys 11-12 50 Yard Breaststroke, 200 Yard IM, 7th Place-100 Yard Breaststroke, 10th Place- 100 Yard IM

Morgan Vu - 8th Place-Girls 11-12 50 Yard Butterfly, 100 Yard Breaststroke

Serena Ye - 10th Place-Girls 11-12 50 Yard Breaststroke, 5th Place- 100 Yard Backstroke, 3rd Place- 50 Yard Butterfly, 7th Place-50 Yard Backstroke, 3rd Place-100 Yard Butterfly

Yolanda Ye -  7th Place, Girls 10 & Under 50 Yard Breaststroke, 9th Place-100 Yard Backstroke, 8th Place-50 Yard Butterfly, 50 Yard Freestyle, 9th Place-200 Yard IM


This event would not have been possible without 24 coaches, who generously volunteered to be on Staff to be a part of this event. We also can't thank the Officials enough who traveled to Las Vegas and ran a great meet.

News Source: Southern California Swimming