Updates on upcoming swim meets for PDST swimmers

Updated swim meet planning for PDST Swimmers (updated Jan 27th, 2022):

Per PNS communication and PDST planning, here are an updated swim meets we have planned/are projecting for PDST swimmers, due to COVID and many associated factors, we can not get precise swim meet info at this time (as it is NOT set yet and may change from time to time) but we hope to provide you with a broad picture when and where our swimmers will have the opportunity to attend the swim meets as part of our training program. 

  • Jan 29-30th 2022 PDST Invi meet: All PDST swimmers (except Pre-Dragon and Fly-Fish groups). Hosted by PDST with OCA and CSC attending. Meet is ready to go. 
  • Feb 5th, 2022 OCA JW Swim Meet: selected PDST swimmers (40+ PDST swimmers) based on training needs and coach's selection due to meet entry and event limit. Entry complete. 
  • Updated: Feb 19-20th, 30-40 selected 11 year and Over swimmers will attend BCST Invi meet. Entry is pending 
  • Feb 25th-26th: 40+ 10 yr and Under PDST swimmers by Coach selection will go to this swim meet. Entry is complete. 
  • A swim meet on March 5th-6th: Last chance to qualify for WA State Champ meet. We will send mostly 11+ year swimmers who need some qualificaitons or need to warm up for the WA State Champ to this meet. Info coming
  • Washington State Age Group Champs (March 18th-20th) 11yr-18t yr swimmers: This meet is in place of Age Group Regionals which we did not feel could be effectively run with the uncertainty of current conditions. The Washington State Age Group Champs meet will be Friday, March 18 - Sunday, March 20th. The meet will be Prelims/Finals and will be open for 11-18 year olds. Time standards can be found here: 2022-wa-ag-champs211226_061246.pdf ( Swimmers who qualify for Senior Sectionals may NOT participate in this meet.(qualified swimmers)
  • Spring Fling: This meet is for swimmers who have not qualified for Senior Sectionals or Washington State Age Group Champs and meet the time standard. This timed finals meet is March 26/27th and the time standards can be found here: 2022-spring-fling-211231_015118.pdf ( (qualified swimmers).
  • Mid-Late April: looking for another swim meet for our swimmers if available. 
  • Long Course Meets: The following weekends are reserved at WKCAC from April-July. T  All meets are tentative until we get closer.
  • Plan for attending 1 of the April 29th-May 1st: LC “A” * May 14-16th: LC “A”* May 20th-22nd: LC “A” * swim meets (qualified swimmers)
  • Plan for attending one of the June 4-5th: LC “B”* June 11-12th: LC “B”* June 25-26th: LC “B”* swim meets (qualified swimmers)
  • Plan for attending one of July 7th-10th: WKCAC available July 16-17th: WKCAC available if available
  • July 20th-23rd: PNS Senior LC Champs (qualified swimmers)
  • July 29-31st: PNS Age Group LC Champs (qualified swimmers)