RISE Athletes
We have been in conversations with RISE Athletes, a sports mindset development program founded by Olympians Caroline Burckle and Rebecca Soni, and want to be sure our athletes have access to the RISE coaching services.


RISE helps teen athletes improve sports performance and mental wellness by working with an elite MindPower Coach. Their MindPower Coaches are Olympic, Professional, elite, and post-collegiate athletes, trained in the fundamentals of mindset development. Their program is a results-driven, virtual MindPower Coaching Program that helps teen athletes overcome mindset-blocks and performance pressures, learn how to regulate emotions, prepare for competitions, and gain tools to enhance overall mental wellness. Here is a video from Rebecca and Caroline.


This page takes you through the specifics of the 1:1 coaching format, pricing, and FAQs. 


We've also linked (below) that website page in PDF format, and a snapshot of one of many testimonials from parents within the RISE program!


Alaska Swimming has been given a promo code for $50 off your first month of 1:1 Mindset Development coaching, using the promo code: ALASKARISE50 at checkout. You can f ind your mentor, book a discovery call, and redeem your $50 off by starting HERE.