Lancer News - PLEASE READ!

Happy Saturday swim families!!!

Summer registration is now in full swing. Thank you to the many families that have already signed up. We can't wait to get the summer season started!

Families with Lil Lancers:

- don't forget that if your swimmer(s) are currently enrolled in spring conditioning, we will be offering you a 10% refund on your summer swim registration dues once the season starts

- If you would like your Lil Lancer to be considered for the competitive team, you need to schedule an evaluation with Coach Lauren

All swimmers 14 years or older:

- If you are interested in being a volunteer coach this summer, please email Coach Lauren ([email protected]) ASAP.

- We love our volunteer coaches!

Personalized Lancer swim towels:

- There are only 6 days left to get your personalized Lancers swim towels.  This sale closes March 25th and won't be back around for about 5 years. So get one now and stop losing towels!

- Click on this link:

- Make sure you click on the circle with the word "SALE" in it under size for the transaction to be valid

Fundraising Committee:

- Have you been wanting to be more involved with the team but weren't sure where to start? We want you!!! 

- We are looking for 3 people to create a fundraising committee so no one person is doing all of the work. It's a great way to help the team and your swimmers!


And that's all for now.  See you on deck!

Lancer Lady Margi Bilock