2012 LAC Partners & Links
Great JO meet for LAC

At the recent JO meet in Santa Clara, LAC had a small but strong contingent of athletes. Because of other sport commitments and age group changes, we only had 7 individual athletes and an additional 2 relay only athletes. Still we managed to place 17th out of 44 scoring teams (there are 110 teams in Pac Swim) for the females and 12th out of 44 for the males. Every one of our athletes got best times and every one of our athletes made at least one final. 

Congratulations to Gabby Kleman for getting her first Sectional time in the 400 IM! Gabby has improved tremendously this season in the 400 IM dropping from 4:52 to 4:37. 

Congratulations to Cassie Clark for getting her first FW time in the 400 IM! Cassie dropped from a 5:03 to a 4:48 in the past two meets! 

Brain Hsueh, Mica Szymanski,and Isaiah Silver all made new FW times at the meet. 

Eva Kaye and Tyler Ortiz are now very close to Sectional times in several events. 

Thank you to Abhi and Charlie for coming to the meet for relays. Both Abhi and Charlie got best time splits on the relays and swam their hearts out. 

Our goal for 14&un JOs next season is to double our number of qualifiers to 14. I think we can do it! Let's continue to improve so we can make this happen! 

Finally, we neglected to mention that at our last short course meet at RLCC, Alex Waltner broke the team record in the 8&un 100 freestyle. This record was 15 years old! Way to go Alex! 

Coach Alex