Phoenix Swimming Wins Share of Sectionals Title!

Congratulations to all the PHX athletes that recently journeyed out to Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin for Central Zone Sectionals!

The group - totalling over 30 athletes - was by far our biggest sectional group ever and our most successful to date!  The Women's team dominated the competition cruising to a 1st place finish overall - while the Boys fought there way to a well earned 2nd place finish overall.  Both groups of kids were beyond impressive in their pursuit of a team championship.

While everyone that attended was impressive in their own right the following swimmers were successful enough to earn themselves a high point award (scoring the most points in the meet):


1st- Malia Amuan

4th- Isabella Schneider

5th- Alexis Martino

8th- Shea Furse

10th- Skylar Knowlton


6th- William Carrico


Individual Efforts:

William Carrico and Alexei Avakov both achieved Summer Junior National Cuts in the 200m Breaststroke and punched their tickets for Irvine, CA later this summer.  Both boys, with their summer junior cuts, now rank in the top .5% of swimmers nation wide and is a true testament to their hard work, diligence, and commitment.

Other impressive swims included (but aren't limited to) - an outstanding 100m and 200m fly from Conlan Hurley, an impressive 100m Breaststroke from Kate Handley and amazing 400IMs from Abby Gowern and Amelia Barron.


Relay Efforts:

Per usual - PHX dominated the relay scene especially on the ladies side.  The girls finished 1st and 2nd in the 800m Free Relay, 1st and 2nd in the 400 Free Relay (including a new New England 400m FRR Record!), and 2nd and 5th in the 400 Medley Relay.

The boys, while enjoying a renaissance in their swimming on a national scale also did a great job with their relay events.  They finished 5th and 11th in the 400 Medley Relay, 8th and 10th in the 800 Free Relay, and 10th and 11th in the 400 Free Relay.


Overall, the kids swam amazing and we couldn't be more excited about the way we finished the Short Course season and are looking forward to a super successful Long Course season!