March 28 Newsletter


NNA Age Group Open Recaps

Thank you everyone for helping out with our swim meet.  We had 37 volunteers from our team help out with on hand jobs around the pool deck during the meet and many others who donated money or items that we needed for our event.  I am happy to say that we had new faces doing the jobs you need to be trained in (like the computer) and officiating.  It looks like we have 4 or 5 new officials in training.  We appreciate everyone and want to reiterate that it is OUR team and everyone helping out makes things better for everyone. 

Thank you to the Harmons and Kevin Tokunaga for helping run the meet.  And Congratulations Ron for being Meet Referee for the first time at our very own meet!


Our coaches wanted to send out some highlights about swimmers in their various groups but I would like to say that everyone did well and raced to the best of their abilities.  The relays are always fun because we get to truly swim as a team in a single event.


Squid/Seahorse group shout-outs

Well done to all Squid and Seahorse group swimmers who participated in the meet this past weekend!  For many of these swimmers, this meet marked a milestone as their first official swim meet.  We can’t wait to see what the swimmers in this group have in store for the future!  The following are examples of swimmers in these groups that exhibited excellence both in and out of the water:

  • Soren Hern and Fennec Hern hit their first meet out of the park by cheering for teammates and checking in with their coaches before and after all of their races 
  • Sophia Temple tackled her first 200 free, complete with flip turns and a positive attitude
  • Lukas Braughtigam swam hard, regularly checked in with coaches (most of the time), and is getting much better at keeping track of when his heat is coming up!

White group shout-outs

Big congrats to all white group swimmers who participated in the meet this past weekend!  As a whole, these swimmers showed exceptional camaraderie, swam their hearts out, and were often rewarded with best times.  The following are examples of swimmers in this group that exhibited excellence both in and out of the water:

  • Kinley Aviles got back in the water to participate in the relay after receiving first aid for a toe injury
  • Samuel Wadhams practiced backstroke flip turns in the warm-up lane and successfully applied that skill to his 100 backstroke
  • Max Shapiro conquered some nerves about diving from the block and dove from the block for all his races
  • Elliette Strickland and Phillip Strickland were sibling butterfly superstars, swimming butterfly in individual events, followed by butterfly in the medley relays


Blue/Black group shout-outs

  • Sophie Callender helped her teammates by sticking around at the end of the meet, when she was feeling exhausted, to swim in the relay
  • Sydney Nguyen dropped time in all of her events.
  • Pasha Varganov won the 200 IM and also won the high point award for the best overall swimmer in the 11-12 boys at the meet.
  • All swimmers swam at least one best time.


Junior/Senior group shout-outs

We always need more work on turns, breakouts, and stroke technique.  Some of the older swimmers can use smaller meets like this to work on issues that they may be weak.  It is important to have local meets to really enjoy swimming different events and be able to try new things like negative splitting each race, breath patterns, stroke rates, etc

  • Genoa Nixon won high point boys 13 and over runner up on his way to winning all of his events.
  • Delaney Sullivan won high point for the girls 13 and over.
  • Chloe Landon won high point runner up for the girls 13 and over.
  • Kyle Scalise was the oldest person swimming at the meet at 28 years old.
  • helped her teammates by sticking around at the end of the meet, when she was feeling exhausted, to swim in the relay


Full Results for the swim meet will be available soon on our “news” tab on the team web site.



Practice Schedules

White and Pink groups 4:00-5:00pm Monday-Friday at Idlewild Pool and 10:00am-11:00am Sundays at Northwest Pool

Seahorse, SeaDragon, Squid groups 5:00pm-6:00pm Monday-Friday at Idlewild Pool and 11:00am-12:00pm Sundays at Northwest Pool

Black and Blue groups 6:00pm-7:30pm Monday-Friday at Idlewild Pool and 10:00-12:00pm Saturdays and Sundays at Northwest Pool

Junior, Pre Senior, and Senior groups Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:15-3:45pm dryland and 4:00-6:00pm swim at Caughlin Club and Tuesday, Thursday 3:15-3:45 dryland, 4:00-6:00pm swim at Idlewild Pool.  Saturday and Sundays will be at Northwest pool 10:00am-12:00pm.  Senior group morning practices remain Tuesday Friday 5:30am at Caughlin Club.


Meet Schedules


April 9-10.  Sierra Marlins Spring Splash.  Located in Folsom CA.  Long course meet.


May 27-29.  Carson Intermountain Classic.  Located in Carson City CA.  Long course meet.


All of our upcoming meets are on our website under the “events” tab.



Coaches Notes


Showing up on time:


There seems to be a sickness within the club of not being ready to start a practice session on time.  I have seen numerous swimmers deciding to show up 30 minutes late.  I can see occasionally traffic and/or weather can be a problem, but consistently late?  This shows a disregard to your teammates, coaches and club who have put together a learning program to help you succeed within the sport of swimming. 


The coaches have planned each workout to fit within the current cycle (yearly, seasonal, monthly weekly, etc.).  If an athlete shows up late and is not warmed up properly for what the groups is currently doing, injuries may arise.  It may also lessen the amount of time we have to teach you and provide the best methodology to help you succeed.  If you are not here, we cannot properly prepare or help you.


It is also about being accountable for your actions.  Consistently showing up late is very rude and disrespectful.


We as coaches, do not really wish to close workouts after 15 minutes or so, but we may if attendance and readiness do not improve. 


Let’s succeed together.

Coach Frank