Personalized Caps & Team Swimsuits

Please be sure your t-shirt sizes are correct in your account (you can update this when you click on registration for your 2024 account). Personalized Swim Caps and some other spiritwear can be purchased through this link. Swim Caps must be purchased by 4/28!

Swim suits can be ordered through this link.

  • Girls - The girls swimsuits have 2 options (both available in youth or womens sizing), This is all preference. (the skinny straps seem to fit higher in the front)
    • wide straps
    • skinny straps
  • Boys -  have 3 options, typically the 12 and unders like jammers and 13 and overs (high school swimmers) like briefs but all options are available to all.
    • Jammers that have more flames on one leg 
    • Jammers with less flames
    • Briefs

If you need a new team suit please order soon as they are made when they are ordered. The sooner you order, the better chance you will get your suit for our first meet. In order to get them in a week, there will be a $5 shipping fee per item, but we are getting a significant discount on their retail cost.

Practice Suits:

Swimsuits for practice should not restrict their ability to swim all strokes. Ruffles and swim trunks make practicing competetive swimming more challenging. Jammers and form fitting female suits made for competetive swimming are best. 23 Aquatics has these suits available in many fun patterns.