Spring & Summer Swim Seasons Explained


Spring and Summer Swim Seasons Explained


For anyone not familiar or in need of a refresher for some info, particularly after the crazy last 2 years (!), please see below for general info on NAAC Spring & Summer swim seasons.


All 8 of our groups practice in the Spring! 

Our 4 lower groups (Breaker, Ripple, Wave and Tsunami) all finished with their monthly group payments in March, and all 4 of these groups end their regular season of practices on Fri May 27th.  We do plan on offering at least Summer Tsunami and Summer Wave add-on practices over this summer, and possibly Ripple add-on practices, with more info available later this month.

Our 4 upper groups (Elite, Kahuna, Bombora and Hurricane) all have one more month of payments remaining if on the monthly schedule (upper 4 group monthly payments again run Sept-May), and all 4 of these groups have NAAC group practices in the spring and the summer.


We transition from Spring to Summer practices for ONLY our NAAC Summer Swimmers from Sat May 28th to Sunday June 5th, with a lessened swim practice schedule for NAAC Summer Swimmers (all practices at NAHS this week) as all of the kids wrap up their school year.


We then begin our Summer Session on Mon June 6th, with swim practices in the morning, spread across several pools as TENTATIVELY planned - we will post Summer practices below as soon as we have approved times across all of our Summer pools!  NAAC is planning on practicing at a combination of NAHS, The Links, and Denison again thsi Summer.  NAAC Summer practices continue to the end of your swimmer's USA Swimming competition season.  If AG Regionals is their last meet, they are then through with practices after AG Regionals.  Same for JO's, Sr Meet, Sectionals, AG Zones, Summer Jr's, etc - your swimmer has earned their break once they are through competing for the Summer.  We will post 2022-23 Season start dates in May 2022.


Whether your swimmer is swimming with us at NAAC this summer or not, we want ALL of our swimmers interested in competing for a Summer League Team to do so (PTAC, The Links, NA CC - - whatever your area Summer League Team might be)!!!  Swimmers are allowed to compete for both NAAC and their Summer League Teams concurrently, as their availability and willingness permits! 

  • If your swimmer is younger and you choose to add Summer Ripple or Summer Wave, we generally recommend primarily practicing and competing with their Summer League Team, and practicing with NAAC as your swimmer is available. 
  • If your swimmer is in Summer Tsunami, we generally recommend primarily practicing with NAAC if choosing to add Summer Tsunami, competing with NAAC as they are available, and attending Summer League practices and meets as your swimmer is available.
  • If your swimmer is a Hurricane or above swimmer, we generally recommend practicing and competing with NAAC throughout the summer, and attending Summer League practices and/or meets as your swimmer is available.

And as always, if you have any questions about your swimmer’s NAAC Group practices, please ask your Lead Coach first, and we are looking forward to a great Spring and Summer of 2022!



Starting Mon June 6

Ending with Swimmer's last Championship Summer Meet


Elite (and College)

Mon, Wed & Thurs @ Denison                      7:30-9:30am

Tues & Fri @ Links                                        6:30-8:30am

Lifting Mon & Wed @ NAHS                         Girls 6-6:45pm, Boys 6:45-7:30pm



Mon, Wed & Thurs @ Denison                      7:30-9:30am

Tues & Fri @ Links                                        8:30-10am

Lifting Mon & Wed @ NAHS                       Girls 6-6:45pm, Boys 6:45-7:30pm



Mon, Wed  @ Links                                       8:00-9:30am

     Thurs @ Links                                          7:30-9:30am        

Tues & Fri @ Denison                                    7:30-9:30am



Mon & Thurs @ NAHS                                  7:30-8:45am

Tues & Fri @ Denison                                    7:30-9:30am


Summer Tsunami     

Tues @ NAHS                                                8:30-10am

Wed @ NAHS                                               7:30-8:45am

Thurs @ NAHS                                              8:45-10am


Summer Wave          

Mon @ NAHS                                                8:45-10am

Wed @ NAHS                                               8:45-10am