Message Regarding Long Course Season


The Michigan Swimming LSC Board has approved the Summer 2022 Long Course Meet Schedule. We all know how short the long course season is in Michigan. The meet planning committee has worked very hard to accommodate all levels of swimmers in the schedule.  We have a unique situation this Spring and Summer, with fewer Long Course Meet opportunities than previous seasons.  A balanced meet schedule with both Long Course and Short Course meets scheduled is the result. When planning your schedule, we ask that you look towards the Championships your team and each athlete will be attending. Working those swimmers to the level that is needed for development, performance and success takes time and effort. When entering a LC meet, we all understand that not all athletes need long course. Keeping this in mind for those that will be swimming the MAGS Meet or the Ultra Summer and meets above should be the LC priority. The SC meets are an ideal way to keep your younger, swimmers below ‘BB’, a place to grow, learn and keep having success.

When entering the LC meets if you enter the ‘BB’ swimmers and above that will be competition at State, Zones, Sectionals, Nationals the chance to swim in the course they will be swimming in August.  The SC schedule and cuts are more than enough for swimmers below this standard. Those below the ‘BB’ standard can still make cuts SCY. The limited opportunities to compete in LC Pools this season is the main reason for these suggestions. We do not want our State, higher level swimmers to be left out of LC meets that they need to prepare during a very short LC season, especially when a SC meet for beginner, lower than ‘BB’ swimmers can gain as much or more from swimming the SC format.

Putting swimmers into meets that are important for development at the level they are swimming is a great way to create success.  We are looking forward to a great Spring/Summer season in Michigan!


Shawn Kornoelje

Michigan Age Group Chair
Head Age Group Coach
Great Lakes Tritons