Partial pool closure

Good afternoon SCAT families,


Last week a swimmer cut themselves on the protruding bump at the start end of lane five. A parent followed up with the Recreation Program Manager, Cathy Wilder, and the city's solution was to shut the lane down.  


We know a similar issue was communicated to the pool management after another incident during the high school season. While drains were repaired during the latest shutdown, this issue was not.  


Coach Mike has come up with a temporary solution, purchasing a BK Wall, which will cover the spot in question until a permanent solution can be figured out. Unfortunately, the Recreation Program Manager has deemed this as an unacceptable solution, citing liability concerns.  We ask that families on the team please come to us first with concerns regarding the facility. We are doing our best to work with Kedron, but often the solution from their point of view is just to shut it down.


Please let your swimmers know there will need to be modified assignments until the lane is fixed, to which that timetable is currently undetermined.


We thank you for your patience.   

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