Summer 2022 Championship Competition Bids NOW OPEN & Update

Members of the Michigan Swimming Community,


Congratulations on an incredibly successful 2021-2022 Short Course season! I know I say this often, but I truly feel this way: it was inspiring to watch our community come together and continue doing amazing things as we emerge from all we’ve been through these past two years. I sincerely hope everyone was able to get well-deserved rest before heading into the Summer season. As an organization, we are very excited for another round of fast swimming, to watch our athletes grow and develop, and to celebrate accomplishments across all levels and constituencies this Summer!


This Summer, we are in a unique and challenging position: many of our traditional long-course facilities have reduced availability or are entirely unavailable for reasons beyond Michigan Swimming or our clubs’ control (delayed construction due to COVID-19, staffing challenges, etc.).


As the Senior & Age Group Program Vice-Chairs noted in their joint April 11 letter, we must acknowledge this and do our best to find solutions that promote success for all of our athletes. This also applies to our Summer championship season, and the Championship Meet Strategy Committee has recommended Michigan Swimming also consider non-traditional formats for this Summer only.


The entire Michigan Swimming community is extremely grateful to all clubs who have ever stepped up and hosted any championship competition, with extra appreciation to those who have gone the extra mile in recent years as we’ve been faced with unprecedented operating challenges.


For clubs who wish to bid to host a Summer championship competition, complete this form by Sunday, May 1:

Note: To address the challenges we face this year, clubs will be able to specify a variety of formats they are able to accommodate, so please consider submitting a bid even if your club is only able to host in a non-LCM or other alternate format. 


For the entire community, complete this two-minute survey to share your thoughts on potential formats being evaluated for this Summer’s championship competitions:


Michigan Swimming does not have an in-house championship meet execution capability. While the Board of Directors is evaluating this as a future investment opportunity and forming a recommendation for the House of Delegates to consider in the future, we must continue with our standard process of LSC-awarded, club-hosted championship meets this Summer. We know we can continue to count on our clubs to step up, work with the Championship Meet Strategy Committee and the Board of Directors, and play instrumental roles as leaders in achieving success as one swimming community.


As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to either myself ([email protected]) or the Championship Meet Strategy Committee (Josh Wood, Chair; [email protected]) with any questions.


On behalf of the Michigan Swimming Board of Directors & the Championship Meet Strategy Committee,

Joe Gazzarato
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Michigan Swimming, Inc.