PDST May 2022 News: Pool Faciclity adjustment, Monthly schedule, Private lesson

Dear PDST Swimmers and Parents:

1. monthly schedule

I've updated the May 2022 training schedule on the website monthly schedule bar. Please click the link to get the info:

The Yellow highlights are the updates from the previous schedule. The Green highlights are for Pre-Dragons.

Please notice that latesr training updates after the Spring Break will be on until the end of the season for better group arrangements. There will be some more updates in June and July. The training at Hazen pool will reduce generally based on the increase of Long Course training at KCAC(There will be more KCAC lanes in June and July):

a Adv1 & Adv2 on Wednesday;

b Training time at Fife Pool on Saturday(1:30-3:30pm, 3:30-5:00 pm)  , Adv1 and Adv2 will make a joint training which makes more refresh and funny for swimmers. 3 deck coach will be there!

c Senior, Nov, Age training time at JCC on Thursday and Friday

d Reg on Monday.

e Adv1 and Adv2 will take the Long Course training alternately.


2. Dryland schedule & instruction

Please notice that there will be Nov&Dev dryland 4:00-5:00 pm on Tuesday since January 2022, which will provide core exercise, Dynamic exercise, etc

Below is the sharing link with

1) training program schedule for each group per day

2) video demos:


You can find the link on the PDST monthly schedule page as well. Below is the zoom invitation info:

Title: PDST Zoom meeting

ID: 718 681 380

Code: pdst2020


3. Private lesson

Please check the private lesson schedule on the website:

a No lessons 10:00-10:30am 5/1

b Please inform coach Leon to cancel your slot if you have a schedule conflit with the swim meet, or swimmer's name will still show up on the schedule.


4. Pacific Dragons Booster Club

Thank you all volunteers for the PDST swim meet! Your volunteer hours have been updated in the account. 

Pacific Dragons Booster Club(PDBC) looks forward to supporting every athlete on PDST – from those new to PDST or the sport of swimming to the seasoned long-time swimmer. We wish you all continued success! Please feel free to match up the volunteer hours and donation, thanks again!


Best Regards,

Coach Leon from PDST