CBM 2022 Athlete Equipment Guide Communication

Hello Marlin Families,


I am incredibly excited to be starting our 2022 season in just under a week! This email is for all families to help guide you on what gear you will need to have a successful season. I will include a few reputable options on brands for each piece of equipment that your swimmer will need. Fortunately at the Marlins, we have an abundance of practice equipment that our athletes can use on a daily basis, but more personal items will need to be purchased by you on your own.


The essential items include a properly fitted swimsuit, a pair of competitive swim goggles (eyes only, no nosepiece/snorkeling goggles), and a towel. Additional equipment we strongly recommend include: an extra suit to be worn only for meets, an extra pair of goggles to be worn only at meets, and a swim cap (we have Marlins-specific caps for sale).


The best place to buy swim gear in my experience is on, also the Marlins have a specific swimoutlet section that has suits in our blue and gold colors with some degree of customizability ( . They have great prices and availability and usually many discounted items. A good place to shop for these items in Rancho is Big 5 Sporting Goods. Online options like Amazon or the manufacturer websites are another great way to usually find some of these brands on sale! Additionally the return policies are usually pretty easy if they are needed.


See below for my basic equipment/swimwear guide and please reach out with any questions! I am looking forward to seeing all of our athletes on deck for the first day of practice on May 2nd! Expect another communication from me as we get closer to that day on what it will entail.


  • Coach Matt Haven & CBM Coaching Staff


Boys/Men’s Suits


Boys and Men on the team should choose between a “Brief” style suit (commonly called a speedo), or a “Jammer” style suit (like bike shorts, they go to the knee). The choice is yours for what your swimmer is more comfortable wearing, but those two styles are the optimal suit for practice and competition. Board shorts and wetsuits are not ideal. 


Concerning the fitment of the suit, typically men’s/boy’s suits go by waist size, though checking the size chart may be helpful as well. In person stores may have the ability for swimmers to try on suits, though I’d recommend calling ahead to check with stores like Big 5 to verify their current policies.


I personally recommend the Speedo Endurance + suits for longevity and function. They run a bit more expensive and don’t have as many fancy patterns to choose, but they last incredibly long (I’ve had an endurance + suit outlive 5 other suits)


An alternate option would be any of the major brands (Speedo, Arena, TYR, Nike, etc.) in the aforementioned styles (our swim outlet page has a specific TYR style available). Cheaper options exist on, with many of them having fun designs to choose from for a practice suit!


Girls/Women’s Suits


Girls and Women on the team should choose a competition suit that is fitted properly and is comfortable for the athlete. Styles have different designs for how straps on the back intersect, as well as different cuts at the hips. Choose whichever you are most comfortable with. 


Concerning the fitment of the suit, you should not be able to pull the shoulder straps above your ears while wearing the suit. If you are considering a separate competition-only suit, typically it is recommended to go a size down from regular practice suit sizes. In person stores may have the ability for swimmers to try on suits, though I’d recommend calling ahead to check with stores like Big 5 to verify their current policies. Please reach out to the female coaches, parent board members, or other families you know on the team with any questions on sizing.


Similar to the boys suits, Speedo’s Endurance + suits have incredible longevity, work great for both practice and races, and are strongly recommended by our coaching staff. Alternate options from other major brands, such as Speedo, TYR, Arena, and Nike are available at the various sales places.


There are a variety of designs and options available and I encourage you to look through major brands and for a suit that your swimmer likes and is comfortable with.




There are a few considerations when purchasing goggles. First, I have found that each brand pulls into the eye socket in a different way, thus each swimmer will probably have different preferences on brands. Most seem to be ok with the fit of Speedo Vanquisher 2.0s, described below. The second consideration is whether to get a mirrored or clear goggle. For the health of your swimmers eyes, please get tinted/mirrored goggles to alleviate the strain of sunlight on their eyes.


You will likely find many options of goggles in megastores like Target, Costco, or on the online websites. Most of these goggles (especially the bulk packs) are terrible in quality and will break or give you more problems than they are worth, though ultimately the decision is up to you on what works best for your specific athlete’s needs. 


My recommendation for every athlete is the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 goggle (there is a junior version available for younger athletes as well). It is relatively inexpensive (~$25, but often on sale for $20 or less) and they have incredible longevity. They also have strong straps that are easily adjusted.


My recommendation for racing goggles (though the vanquishers work just fine) are the Speedo Speed Socket 2.0. Much lower profile to the face and relatively inexpensive, this is my go to for races and practices. Depending on discounts, I would try to pick these up for high $20 to low $30 range. Fun fact: these goggles were worn by the Olympic champion Caeleb Dressel in the Tokyo Olympic Games.


Finally, if your swimmer is the type to frequently lose things, a “Swedish goggle” is a very cheap and effective goggle (the Sporti brand Swedish goggles are currently $5 on swimoutlet). However, they have a very different feel to most other goggles. Any families wanting to test these goggles out should talk to Coach Diego on deck and he can show your swimmer what a pair of them feel like.




Caps come primarily in two different materials: latex and silicone. Silicone is superior in comfort, though they both accomplish the same primary goal: keeping hair out of the athlete’s face and improving athlete performance on race day (even for athletes with short hair). If your athlete has long hair, consider that they will also want to use a hair tie to gather hair under the cap. We will have Marlins-specific caps available for sale throughout the season.