Swimsuit Supplemental Information

Marlin Familes,

This year, we will continue to use the TYR Alliace T-splice in Navy

and Gold as the as the official team swimsuit (pictured). 

You are not required purchase the official swimsuit however we

ask that you decide not to buy this suit that you try to find a suit

that is similar in style and color.  Please refer to the equipment

email for additional information about how swimsuits should fit.  

Unfortunately, the pandemic was not nice to swim shops and as

a result our best local sources for the team suit has closed but

our suit can be purchased through several online retailers. The

top 3 are listed below but you can type "Tyr Alliance Splice" into

your search engine to find more.

1.  Swim Outlet- My favorite.  The Cordova Blue Marlins has a team store that features 

our official swimsuit and other fun items.  To go to the Marlins Team store, use the 

link below:


3. Tyr website- Even if you do not purchase the suit here, they have a great sizing chart.

Carol Kraus

Parent Board President