CBM 2022 Welcome Communication


Welcome Marlin Families to the 2022 Swim Season!


I am incredibly excited to be having our first practice of the season on May 2nd, this coming Monday! I hope you all have enjoyed your time away from the pool, but more importantly I hope you are all looking forward to coming back! Our entire coaching staff is excited to see you all for the start of a great season!


In order to attend Marlins practices, you must be registered with Cordova Recreation & Park District. This is the part where you paid $255 to enroll. If you have not signed your athlete up on the CRPD website for an age group, they cannot swim, regardless of whether or not you have turned in registration forms. Please reach out if you are unsure of your registration status. Due to the amount of swimmers we have signed up, any athletes waitlisted for their groups will likely not be admitted. If your swimmer was waitlisted and did not make it onto the team this year, please contact me and I can suggest some options to get your athlete in the water this summer.


The first day of practice will be an opportunity to introduce ourselves as the coaches to you and your swimmer(s)! The first part of practice will take attendance and do basic introductions. After that, we will move to the water and begin our first day of training! When practice is over, the coaches will dismiss the group to get dry and ready to go home.


Any questions before the first day of practice? Feel free to email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to answer anything I can!


Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


  • Coach Matt & the Blue Marlins Coaching Staff


Look for the bold titles in this email for quick reference:






WHO IS WHO (Your Coaching staff & Parent Board)


     This year I, Coach Matt Haven, am returning as your Head Coach. I am joined by Coach Brenda O’Connor, our Assistant Head Coach, as well as Assistant Coaches Anelise Twining, Diego Pasos, Andrew Avalos, Andrew Tolamatl, and Raul Lopez. 


We will all be identifiable by the distinctive Blue and Gold Marlins polo shirts that we will have on for the first few days of practice to ID us easily. There are also photos of most of us on the Marlins website under the “Coaches” tab in the top left of your screen. Feel free to ask us any questions you have before or after a group session, but please do not interrupt practice once it has begun unless it is an emergency.


     Additionally, your Marlins Parent Board will be on deck to answer any administrative questions you have. If you have any trouble locating them, ask Coach Matt for help.


WHERE TO GO (Pool location, deck protocols)


     Our practices will be held at the Cordova Community Pool located at 2197 Chase Dr. Parking is available before you enter the park to your right while coming down Chase Dr. The pool is located behind the Hagan Community Center, just past the offices to your right as you walk up the stairs towards the fountain and buildings. 


     Once on deck, look for your swimmer’s age group coach, or Coach Matt (the guy with the funny looking cowboy hat), and we will direct you on where we will be staging prior to starting practice.


     Please keep in mind the pool rules, and the fact that there are other programs going on at the pool at any given time, and we want to be respectful of their time and space, so please do your best to not disturb the lessons, synchro swim team, or high school swim team while on deck.


WHEN TO GO (Practice times by age group)


     For the first week of practice, we are operating a modified practice time due to Cordova High School occupying the pool until 5:30 p.m. For this reason, all groups throughout the first week will start at different times than the weeks following. All times listed below are evening times. Number ranges refer to what your athlete’s age will be come June 1st, 2022.


6&U Swimmers should arrive by 5:30, and will be done at 6:00. Coach Brenda will be your main contact.


7-8 Swimmers should arrive by 6:00, and will be done at 6:45. Coach Brenda/Matt will be your main contact.


9-10 Swimmers should arrive by 6:45, and will be done at 7:30. Coach Diego will be your main contact.


11-12 Swimmers should arrive by 5:30, and will be done at 6:30. Coach Ana will be your main contact.


13-14 & 15-18 Swimmers should arrive by 6:15, and will be done at 7:30. Coach Matt will be your main contact.


WHAT TO BRING (Necessary equipment for practice)


     BRING WATER!!! Please ensure your swimmers are drinking water throughout the day BEFORE practice (pool water is icky and won’t help) and are eating as well. Athletes should have a water bottle at the poolside during their practice as well. The health of our athletes is paramount and dehydration can cause many problems.


     If your athlete has a medical condition like asthma or specific allergies, please come prepared with what your doctor has prescribed to treat those conditions should the need arise. Asthmatics are encouraged to keep inhalers readily accessible at all times during practice.


To have a good practice, especially on the first day, ensure your swimmer comes equipped with a good fitting swimsuit, a pair of goggles, and a towel for drying off once practice is over. See the “CBM 2022 Athlete Equipment Guide Communication'' that is posted on our website front page under the “news” tab for specific equipment suggestions.